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The FaxCore Server is comprised of a set of Windows Services that work together to process messages in FaxCore. The primary services with our windows fax software include: FaxCore FaxAgent: Communicates directly with intelligent fax cards, FaxCore FoIP Drivers to send and receive faxes and secondary windows fax driver instance for fail-over/overflow configuration with etherFAX. You can also use FoIP as a cloud storage solution.  FaxCore Renderer: Provides high performance server side rendering of common desktop document formats including Microsoft Office, HTML, PDF, ODT, and other graphics. FaxCore Database: A MS SQL or SQL Express Database engine that stores both the FaxCore repository (domains, users, configuration settings, etc), as well as the transactional data of messages sent and received through FaxCore.  FaxCore Website: Microsoft IIS web application providing end user and administrator interfaces via a web browser.


FaxCore allows partitioning of these services across any/all servers in the FaxCore network – providing an unlimited number of configurations to meet the specific fault tolerance and scalability requirements of each customer’s unique usage profile. For example, customers using primarily server side rendering of user documents can separate the FaxCore Rendering service onto its own set of servers in order to remove some of the load from their FaxCore servers that are sending/receiving faxes through the FaxAgent service.



Faxcore provides central administration and monitoring of all servers, services, and application queues through intelligent web browser interfaces. Administrators can see exactly what is happening in the system and exactly what messages are currently being processed.